The Okura is a boutique luxury hotel which was initially made in 1971 as a hotel and a Barometer rolled into one. If you spot green light on top of the tower, itís a fair indication of oncoming bad weather, and if you see blue lights, itís indicative of clear sunny skies. Itís located in the De Pijp neighborhood, which is quite a hip and trendy location on the up and coming. Itís located close to the business district, as well as the Amsterdam World Trade Centre. However, itís a fifteen minute taxi ride to Central Station, and as such itís not the most ideally situated hotel. .

As far as the interiors are concerned, the hotel features a lobby with a strong beige and brown color palette. The hotel also features two Michelin-starred restaurants ó Ciel Bleu is a two Michelin-starred restaurant on the top floor, whereas the Yamazato is a one Michelin-starred restaurant on the ground floor. Whereas the hotel itself is utterly elegant and classy, the nearby Albert Cuvo market features all the populist destinations and attractions of the city, so you can truly inhabit the best of both worlds. The hotel is 23 storey tall, which is quite high by Amsterdam standards, and as such is one of the few places where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city

Description of the photograph. Taken by D.F. Roy
Zebras grazing. Taken by Anna Q.
Sheep in a field. Taken by L. Fischer
Camels on a beach. Taken by Mali D.

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